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The following sources of information may be of use:

NHS 111

NHS Sheffield

St John Ambulance First Aid advice

British Red Cross First Aid Courses

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

Sheffield Children’s Hospital

Sheffield Carers

Sheffield Young Carers

Sheffield City Council

Sheffield Safe Places scheme

Support Dogs

Epilepsy Bereaved

Non-epileptic Attack Disorder

For a better life with epilepsy (F.A.B.L.E.)

Young Epilepsy

Epilepsy Surgery Friends

Health Talk

Health Watch Sheffield

Citizens Advice Bureau

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Click here for an Information sheet on first aid for seizures. (Pdf)

Click here for a quick free e-learning module on

what to do when someone has a seizure.

One way of helping yourself when you have seizures is to carry an ID card or wear ID jewellery.  

You can get these from:  Epilepsy Action, Medic Alert and Mybugle.

You should be able to find something that suits your needs and style.  Some of you may also have been issued with one by the Sheffield Hospitals Epilepsy service.

Paramedics and first-aiders are trained to look for these.  They will help them understand your epilepsy and so ensure that you get the best care.

However, do please ensure that the information about you they contain is up to date - it could save your life!

Please note that any donation given through this link will go to Epilepsy Action central funds unless you state it is to be given to the branch.

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BBC Radio4 - The Life Scientific, 6 November 2018, Detective of the mind Dr Suzanne O'Sullivan.  Suzanne’s an expert on epilepsy, and the unusual ways that seizures can manifest themselves.

Dis-sociated, is an excellent 52 minute video telling the story of people with dissociative (non-epileptic) seizures.  

This has been produced by Professor Markus Reuber of The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.